Just Say NO to a Psychedelic Mind

What produces the psychedelic expertise? What’s it primarily based on that the expertise of the existence adjustments when one is beneath the affect of a psychoactive agent? Why is it that the psychedelic expertise causes the sense that they improve creativity? Why do the psychoactive substances make a person really feel that it’s a studying expertise? These are the principle questions which are associated to value-relative help on the usage of psycho-active substances, these are the problems that help the existence of a psychedelic thoughts.

My evaluation regarding the psychedelic expertise will not be prejudged, though the heading itself incorporates a way of the presence of a prejudgment. The heading is the conclusion of my evaluation, primarily based on the truth that the experiences and information obtained by way of the psychedelic experiences are ineffective for the society in addition to for the person. If you happen to really feel hearted for the usage of the psychedelic substances, this will likely come to you as an insult, however truths expressed on this paper will manifest why the psychedelic thoughts incorporates no deeper functions, no deeper meanings, not any secrets and techniques of the existence revealing properties, however sensations that don’t have any worth for the non-altered dynamics of the sub-consciousness, and produce information which are even dangerous for the data pushed continuum of mankind within the collective stage.

The expertise of life is extra than simply the molecular foundation of our existence, and we will acquire increased worth of existence by way of for instance ethics, heroism, existentialism, and actions that manifest love. As our expertise of life is information-relative, and representational, if I for instance understand myself in fantasane Faustian context saying myself that “With the ability of my phrases, I conquered the Universe”, I could understand myself in a fantasized collective function par excellence, understand how my phrases might alter the data pushed continuum of mankind, how my methods of thought might develop into a everlasting a part of the collective consciousness, experiencing the memic combinatory evolution, whereby I actually would exist because the logical connector, though my physique by way of which I obtain my consciousness would have seized to exist, I actually as a soul present unaware, however not in nothingness.

The representational context in our consciousness is once more primarily based on the dynamics of our sub-consciousness, the logical connections made naturally by the collective of my neurons, whose interrelations produce the contents of the atmosphere within the type I’ll understand it after the content material generative cycle, of which entities I can thereafter consciously valuate, outline and decide their causes and functions. And as I have not altered the dynamics of my sub-consciousness by way of psychedelic substances, altering the chemical steadiness in my brains, if in case you have sufficient models of data to decode my ideas from the phrases and the logic uniting the representations of the phrases to a different illustration, increased within the info house hierarchy, then chances are you’ll perceive what I am speaking about within the fantasane instance above and proceed from there on the valuation cycle we could collectively produce.

However allow us to now think about the dynamics of the sub-consciousness and the neurology of our brains by way of as easy phrase as inside complexity, and proceed the evaluation of the psychedelic thoughts by way of easy logic. The interior complexity IC of entity A produces illustration B, when its inside complexity IC has not been altered by the agent P. But when the inner complexity IC of entity A is altered by the agent P, and because the representations that emerge to the consciousness of entity A are in direct relativity with its inside complexity IC, entity A is unable to obtain the illustration B, because the agent P alters the mix of the inner complexity to IC + P, and as IC produces the illustration B, the inner complexity IC + P will produce illustration C. IC -> B and IC + P -> C.

Thus, the logical connections made by the inner complexity IC to supply the illustration B are inconceivable for the entity A to obtain, because the inside complexity has been altered to the state of IC + P. And since the interrelations of each practical half within the inside complexity IC are the practical foundation to supply representations, when including agent P that may solely be added by way of exochemical sources to the IC, IC as an entity is reworked into entity ICP. And as agent P is from an exochemical supply of neurotransmitters, the inner complexity IC can’t create the entity P with out acquiring it by way of exosomatic sources. And with out acquiring it, IC can’t create illustration C, neither is the illustration C from the ICP from pure dynamics of the IC.

I’ll now apply the logic above to supply conclusions why we wouldn’t have any use for the information, i.e. representations produced by the psychedelic thoughts ICP. One is ready to absolutely perceive information produced by the psychedelic thoughts provided that one’s personal inside complexity has additionally been altered. Representations (C) have solely worth for the altered inside complexity for a person and for others. The societies haven’t been created beneath the affect of agent P, however by way of pure dynamics of the sub-consciousness and the developmental state of the data actuality. The marijuana induced sense of peace is a marijuana induced sense of peace, and has nothing to do with the pure sense of peace and the way issues ought to be. As a substitute of increasing the notice, psychedelic brokers slim the notice in relativity with representations that may solely be produced beneath the affect of the agent P.

– Why does the psychedelic thoughts produce completely different form of information:
As a result of the dynamics of the sub-consciousness has been altered by psychedelic substances, and since the interpretational cycle of the atmosphere and actuality normally alters inevitably when the dynamics of the sub-consciousness has been modified, the psychedelic thoughts is certain to supply completely different form of information.

– Why does it appear that psychedelic thoughts is a inventive frame of mind:
The by way of psychedelic substances altered dynamics of the sub-consciousness can’t produce representations that the pure dynamics would produce, because the content material generative cycle is predicated on the interconnectivity of the neurons within the brains. As a result of the altered dynamics of the sub-consciousness are certain to supply completely different form of information, it could appear that the psychedelic frame of mind is a inventive frame of mind, though it has nothing to do with creativity, however solely to do with altering the pure dynamics of the constructive thoughts.

– Why will not the psychedelic experiences develop your thoughts:
The psychedelic substances slim the thoughts to representations that may solely be obtained from the sub-consciousness that has been altered. With out the alteration, the representations (IC + P -> C) don’t have any worth for the pure dynamics.

– Why is the information produced by way of the psychedelic expertise dangerous for the data pushed continuum of mankind:
Within the collective stage, information produced by the psychedelic thoughts might be thought-about as a distortion of actuality, as can lies be additionally thought-about, and the extra the collective capability of mankind incorporates psychedelic information, i.e. the extra information that has been produced by way of the ICP has entropy, the extra it distorts the continuum to a path that has no worth for the pure dynamics.

– Why the information obtained by way of and from the psychedelic thoughts has no worth:
This may be understood finest within the context of semantics. As I write this textual content down, I encode the representations in my consciousness to the type of language, which your sub-consciousness and you thru your acutely aware valuations decode. If I had altered my sub-conscious mind features with the agent P, I might definitively encode my representations otherwise and the contents of my representational actuality would even be completely different. If the emotional experiences associated to the ICP might be skilled solely beneath the affect of the agent P, you’d don’t have any likelihood in any respect to acquire the identical expertise, and you possibly can solely faintly relate to the issues I expressed in semantic phrases beneath the affect of the agent P. The remaining is simple to infer.

– Why will not psychedelic experiences provide you with invaluable experiences:
The psychedelic experiences might be obtained solely by way of ICP, however what good is that for? You’ll expertise one thing that has solely worth one’s being within the state of ICP, nevertheless it will not go any additional than that. You can not make that the idea of your life, since for those who would, you would want the agent P on a regular basis with a view to preserve such a actuality for your self. Ones within the pure IC, you can not even relate your self to the experiences within the state of ICP. So what good is that for? You can not make it to be a steady continuum. The society techniques will not be pushed by the psychedelic values, nor aren’t the the general public that exist.

– Why will the psychedelic thoughts hurt your future life:
The extra you adapt your habits in relativity with the value-relative habits of ICP, the more durable it turns into to you to stay in relativity with the value-relative habits of the pure IC. The extra your consciousness consists of data that has been obtained by way of ICP, the extra your consciousness incorporates information that has little if under no circumstances worth for the pure IC. And for those who think about that your habits is in direct relativity with the representations that come to your consciousness, the extra you will have information that’s composed within the ICP, the continuum of your individual life is directed by such content material. And as you’re part of the collective existence of humanity, that a part of the superorganism of mankind features in relativity with the ICP. And it’s NOT a richness of range, because the information produced in relativity with ICP might be associated with solely in relativity with ICP.

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