Critics’ Choice: Award-Winning Movies You Can Stream Now

In the ever-evolving landscape of cinema, accolades from critics often serve as a reliable indicator of a film’s quality and impact. The Critics’ Choice Awards, known for honoring excellence in both film and television, provide a discerning perspective on the best works in the industry. As we delve into the winners of these prestigious awards, let’s explore a curated list of award-winning movies that you can stream now, allowing you to experience the cinematic brilliance that captivated critics and audiences alike.

  1. “Nomadland” (2020):

Directed by Chloé Zhao, “Nomadland” took home multiple Critics’ Choice Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director. This poignant film follows the journey of a woman, played by Frances McDormand, who becomes a modern-day nomad in the American West after the economic collapse of a company town. The raw beauty of the landscapes and the heartfelt performances make “Nomadland” a must-watch. Stream it on Hulu to witness a cinematic masterpiece that transcends traditional storytelling.

  1. “Minari” (2020):

“Minari” earned critical acclaim and won the Critics’ Choice Award for Best Foreign Language Film. Directed by Lee Isaac Chung, this heartfelt drama revolves around a Korean-American family’s pursuit of the American Dream in rural Arkansas. The film explores themes of family, cultural identity, and the resilience required to build a new life. Catch “Minari” on Amazon Prime Video for an intimate and emotionally resonant viewing experience.

  1. “The Trial of the Chicago 7” (2020):

Written and directed by Aaron Sorkin, “The Trial of the Chicago 7” garnered widespread recognition and received the Critics’ Choice Award for Best Ensemble Cast. The film chronicles the infamous trial of seven defendants charged with inciting a riot during the 1968 Democratic National Convention. The stellar ensemble cast, including Sacha Baron Cohen and Eddie Redmayne, delivers powerful performances that contribute to the film’s success. You can find this gripping courtroom drama on Netflix.

  1. “Soul” (2020):

Pixar’s animated masterpiece “Soul” secured the Critics’ Choice Award for Best Animated Feature. Directed by Pete Docter and Kemp Powers, this visually stunning and emotionally rich film explores profound questions about life, passion, and purpose. With its heartwarming story and jazz-infused soundtrack, “Soul” is a captivating journey that appeals to audiences of all ages. Experience the magic on Disney+ and let the film’s soulful message resonate with you.

  1. “Promising Young Woman” (2020):

Emerald Fennell’s directorial debut, “Promising Young Woman,” claimed the Critics’ Choice Award for Best Actress for Carey Mulligan’s compelling performance. This darkly comedic thriller follows the story of Cassie, a woman seeking vengeance for a traumatic incident in her past. The film’s unique blend of genres, along with its thought-provoking narrative, challenges societal norms and expectations. Catch “Promising Young Woman” on Hulu and witness a gripping exploration of justice and revenge.


The Critics’ Choice Awards shine a spotlight on films that excel in various aspects of filmmaking, from direction and acting to storytelling and animation. The award-winning movies  ดูหนังฟรี mentioned above offer a diverse range of genres and themes, ensuring there’s something for every cinephile to enjoy. Whether you’re drawn to the emotional depth of “Nomadland,” the cultural exploration of “Minari,” the courtroom drama of “The Trial of the Chicago 7,” the animated brilliance of “Soul,” or the thought-provoking narrative of “Promising Young Woman,” these films represent the best of contemporary cinema. Stream them now to witness the magic that captivated critics and celebrate the artistry that continues to shape the cinematic landscape.

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