Are We True Facebook Friends

The factor about Fb or social media is that our feeds are a mirrored image and an expression of who we are– good or unhealthy –it’s who we’re as a result of we said it… we wrote it.

And whether or not we’re being actual or pretending to be somebody we’re not, on the level we publish one thing, that is who we’re (even when at that second who we’re is an individual attempting to be somebody we actually aren’t).

Fb offers us the liberty to say what we wish on our private feeds. As individuals, now we have the freedom and freedom to be who we’re, no matter who agrees.

Fb is ready up in order that if I’m your buddy and you’re my buddy, that “friendship” was one thing we mutually agreed to. You requested to be my buddy or I requested to be your buddy. You accepted or I accepted. It is a mutual engagement.

If at any time you do not like what I say or I do not like what you say, we are able to delete, ignore, unsubscribe, or unfriend one another on Fb. That does not imply we do not love one another. It does not even imply we do not like one another, and it does not essentially imply we do not agree with each other a minimum of on some issues. It easy signifies that relative to Fb, one in every of us or each of us has chosen a unique sort of connection presently.

As well as, in case you are my Fb buddy unfriend apps and I’m your Fb buddy, then now we have agreed to see one another’s posts or feeds; whether or not that be frequently or now and again, we’ll see a few of one another’s content material. Bear in mind although, we agreed to be associates, and we’d all agree that associates do not hate one another or hurt one another, particularly simply because we disagree about one thing.

Buddies do not mock one another. Buddies do not defame or defraud each other. Buddies do not provoke or agitate to be able to begin a combat or create discord. Buddies do not lie about each other. Buddies do not disgrace one another. Buddies do not gossip. Buddies do not publicly (or privately) ridicule one another. Buddies do not bash each other or say imply spirited issues to one another, and associates additionally do not do these items to the buddies of their associates.

Social media or not, we’re nonetheless human beings.

Bear in mind, Fb is about MUTUAL friendship at ANY time. Initially, should you do not like what I symbolize or who I’m, or you do not wish to be my buddy, do not settle for my buddy request or do not ask me to be your buddy. I provide you with that freedom, in spirit, and I imply it. If I do not wish to be your buddy, I should not settle for your buddy request or ask you to be my buddy.

If we do change into Fb associates, and in some unspecified time in the future down the street, the communication modifications and one in every of us decides they do not just like the content material of the Fb buddy, let’s do the suitable factor and unfriend moderately than bash or say hateful issues. You may unfriend in a proper and good spirit, however you possibly can by no means bash or condemn in a proper and good spirit. It is OK to unfriend. It is not OK to be imply spirited or unkind.

You may unsubscribe (these days) or unfriend on Fb with out that essentially which means you’re being unkind, hateful, or unloving. I want extra individuals might get that.

However that is not even the principle factor I wish to say. This publish is NOT about “buddy” and “unfriend.” This publish is about freedom and kindness, and about all of us embracing and WALKING IN the LOVE that enables others the liberty to be who they’re and publish what they need with out being met by Fb “associates” or associates of associates with hate.

We do not all agree. That is completely nice. It is how we disagree that issues. That is who we REALLY are.

If we’re Fb associates, we must always behave like associates. None of us ought to ever see one individual slamming or attacking the remark or publish of one other individual. Let’s be greater than that. I do know this sounds so idealistic, however collectively we might actually make an impression and alter the world for the higher all by how we select to reply.

For those who do not like a feed or a remark, delete the remark, or unsubscribe to the feed (which once more, you are able to do these days), or unfriend the individual. That’s your proper. And it’s very nice. Do not feel unhealthy about that. It doesn’t suggest you do not care about that individual. It simply could imply that at this specific time in your life (and it might be primarily based on what you are going by in the mean time that nobody understands), there are specific items of content material that you do not wish to see proper now. We should always give one another that liberty with out letting unkindness, disgrace, gossip, or hate enter into the image.

We’re all free to publish no matter we wish. We’re all totally different. God made us totally different. We will be taught a lot from one another. Typically individuals publish inspiring issues, humorous issues, and fascinating issues. Typically others publish issues we do not agree with. Often somebody posts one thing that we really feel is just not proper. That is OK. That’s their proper. However how will WE reply? We will select love or concern. We will select kindness or hate. We will even unsubscribe or unfriend, and that’s generally the kindest factor to do. However ugly phrases, mean-spirited feedback, or inconsiderate assaults are NEVER the suitable or variety response. (And they’re going to by no means change conduct anyway, because it’s solely kindness that results in actual non secular development and constructive change of coronary heart).

So when somebody posts one thing you personally do not agree with, or you do not like, or that makes you uncomfortable, or which may make a few of your different Fb associates uncomfortable, be calm with that… it is OK… actually, it is nice… you could have three choices…

You may ignore the remark, you possibly can delete the remark, or you possibly can unsubscribe and/or unfriend the individual. Oh, you even have a fourth possibility and sadly, too many individuals take the freedom of this fourth possibility, and that is the place the idea of “friendship” actually comes into play…

Your fourth possibility is to reply outdoors of the Spirit of Love.

When my “real-life” buddy who’s standing subsequent to me says one thing I do not like, I do not agree with, I do not wish to hear, I feel is impolite, or is one thing I simply can’t deal with proper now in my life, I’ve a alternative in how I reply. I can ignore it, I can reply with a respectful remark, or if what they stated is hateful or horrible I can ask my buddy to depart (or I can excuse myself to a different room for a time), however I do not bash my buddy, assault them, cuss them out, disgrace them, name different associates to be able to humiliate them, overtly disgrace them, or say imply spirited issues to my buddy. (And if I do lose my cool and reply badly, I’m resulting from apologize for my mistake or unhealthy conduct.)

Fb is a humorous animal. It truly is about friendships, however by some means now we have misplaced that. It truly is about you being my buddy and me being your buddy by alternative. Buddies who select to be associates do not wish to do hurt to one another. Or a minimum of they should not. For those who get heavy into politics; or “speak” approach an excessive amount of about medicine, intercourse, and rock ‘n’ roll; and if per probability I do not essentially wish to discuss these issues on a regular basis, I’ll unfriend you or unsubscribe so I do not see the content material (we could not try this years in the past).

And likewise, if I publish content material you do not like, comparable to scripture verses; or ideas about God; or foolish footage about animals; or tips on enterprise or inside design; or my ideas about Fb; and you do not essentially wish to see scripture verses in your feed, or you do not relate a lot to animals, otherwise you’re not into enterprise or design, otherwise you suppose a few of my posts are too lengthy, too idealistic, or too ridiculous, please unsubscribe or unfriend me. I promise, I will not hate you, hurt you, or disgrace you. I’ll totally help your’s resolution.

Respectfully giving one another room to be ourselves, and treating Fb associates and associates of associates with dignity and respect, is the true freedom we must always discover by social media. I hope we do.

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